Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

2014 Calendar of Events
Inspired by the 200th Anniversary of Mansfield Park

All at Locust Grove
561 Blankenbaker Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Unless Otherwise Noted
2 p.m.

Jan.19  Tea History and Tasting- Nicolette Spears, 
Louisville Tea Company

Feb. 16  Highlights of the 2013 Jane Austen Festival- Alana Gillett

March 16  Contents of Women's Reticule/Repurposing
 Costume Jewelry- Alana Gillett

April 27  Trade in the West Indies
- Dr. Glynis Ridley

May 18  "Dear Diary"- Jane Austen Character Trivia Game

June 8  Mansfield Park Book Discussion

July 13  Festival Pre-preparation Day- 
Everyone invited!

July 18, 19 & 20  7th Annual Jane Austen Festival

August 17  India’s Influence on Regency England
- Dr. Shailendra Chopra (Lexington)

September 21  200 Years on the Ohio- Farnsley-Moreman House

October 19  Two Film Versions of Mansfield Park- 
Dr. Karen Hadley

November 16  The Education of Young Women
- Anne Fischer

December 14  The Gardens of Mansfield Park- 
Kim Wilson, author

More Information about our Upcoming Meetings...

June 8: Mansfield Park Book Discussion
- Gather together with fellow Janeites in small groups as we take an in-depth look at Mansfield Park, and how it has stood the test of time.

July 19-20: 7th Annual Jane Austen Festival
- Be a part of this yearly tradition as Greater Louisville JASNA hosts workshops, Style Shows, authors, Afternoon Tea, merchants, and other exciting Regency-inspired activities!

August 17th: India's Influence on Regency England with Dr. Shailendra Chopra
- Greater Louisville JASNA member Kathy Chopra will host us at her house in Lexington, KY as her husband explains to us the important role India had to play in shaping Regency England life and culture.

Sept. 21: 200 Years on the Ohio- Farnsley-Moreman House- We are meeting at the Farnsley-Moreman House, 7410 Moorman Road, in conjunction with the "200 Years on the Ohio" event!  If you have your Regency garb, wear it!  We will meet under the Pavillion to enjoy one of John Mullan's talk from under the Big Top Tent at the Jane  Austen Festival.  JASNA-GL will take care of the refreshments and will make a donation to Farnsley-Moreman for your admission.

Oct. 19: Austen's Mansfield Park & Two Recent Film Versions: Purist or Purist Radical with Dr. Karen Hadley
- There has been much debate on whether or not there is even a decent film adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel.  Dr. Karen Hadley, of the University of Louisville, examines two such film adaptations.  Will a definitive version be crowned?  You'll have to join us to find out!

Nov. 16: The Education of Young Women with Anne Fischer
- What did Fanny Price teach herself in her cold, little school room?  Was her education different than what her cousins, Maria and Julia, received?  What exactly was a young lady expected to learn during the Regency?  Greater Louisville JASNA member Anne Fischer will make sure we are well educated on this matter.

Dec. 14th: The Gardens of Mansfield Park with Kim Wilson- 
We close out our year with our Annual Jane Austen Birthday Tea.  And who better to join us than celebrated Janeite author Kim Wilson to help us give our final celebration by taking an in-depth look at the importance of gardens in Mansfield Park.  This will be followed by a toast to Jane and a lovely Birthday Tea.  Reservations are required.  Details to follow.