Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

2015 Calendar of Events
Inspired by "Living in Jane Austen's World"- the 2015 JASNA AGM's theme

All at Locust Grove
561 Blankenbaker Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Unless Otherwise Noted
2 p.m.

January 18  "Episode V: The Juvenilia Strikes Back"- Alana Gillett & Amanda Beverly

Feb. 15  "Scandalous: The Prince Regent, Beau Brummell, & the Trouser Revolution"- Lynn Renau

March 15  "The Gardens & Architecture that Inspired Jane Austen"- Glynis Ridley

April 19  "Jane's Playlist: Music of Regency England"- Christina Lebish

May 17  "Children's Literature of Regency England"- Mary Landrum

June 14  "Hey Mr. Postman: The Personal Letters of Jane Austen"- Carrie Wright

July 12  "Bows, Buds, and  Breastknots: Regency Hat and Dress Trims"- Polly Singer, Natalie Ferguson, Jennifer Miller

Aug 16  AGM Prep

Sept 20  AGM Prep


Nov 15  "Jane Austen and Economics"- Fay Greckel

Dec. 13  "The Tea Things of Jane Austen"- Bruce Richardson

More Information about our Upcoming Meetings...

Jan. 18: "Episode V: The Juvenilia Strikes Back" with Alana Gillett & Amanda Beverly- You've seen their presentations for JASNA AGMs, they're even available to orchestrate marriage porposals!  Now Greater Louisville members Alana Gillett and Amanda Beverly are taking their act to the big time!  Not much time has been spent in the GL Region on discussing Jane's early works, but that is all about to change.  With Amanda's look at the importance of Jane's early writings paired with live, staged readings from the texts under the expert direction of Alana, you just might find yourself discovering a whole new side to dear Jane!

Feb. 15: "Scandalous: The Prince Regent, Beau Brummell, & the Trouser Revolution" with Lynn Renau- Forget the Battle of Waterloo, who cares about the Battle of Trafalger, and since when did the War of 1812 matter?!?  There was an even bigger battle fought on British soil...and nobody wants to talk about it!  Until today!  Kentucky author Lynn Renau is here to shed some light on how one dandy's desire to get his royal friend to wear a pair of long pants almost destroyed British society.  Be sure to bring you smelling salts!
March 15: "The Gardens & Architecture that Inspired Jane Austen" with Glynis Ridley- If you can say one thing about Jane Austen's work, it would be that nature and architecture always play a major part in her novels.  From the sloping hills that hosted the Box Hill picnic, to the elegant hallways of Mr. Darcy's Pemberley, a Janeite would be hard pressed to name a scene that doesn't evoke one of those elements.  Join us as Dr. Glynis Ridley, faculty member of the University of Louisville and long-standing friend of the Greater Louisville Region, navigates us through the gardens and architecture in Jane Austen's own life that directly inspired her work.
April 19: "Jane's Playlist: Music of Regency England" with Christina Lebish- If Jane had an iPod, what would be on her playlist?  Would she have one dedicated to all the latest dances, so she could practice for the next ball?  Or would it be filled with endless piano sonatas to help her concentrate while she wrote her next masterpiece?  Greater Louisville member Christina Lebish will discuss the music that mattered most to our dear Jane, as well as what pieces would have been played in some of the classic ball scenes featured in her novels.  And Christina should know what Jane liked, she's a professional harpist!      
May 17: "Children's Literature of Regency England" with Mary Landrum- Here at the Greater Louisville Region, we've talked at great length about what books shaped Jane as a writer when she was an adult.  But what about the books that she would have read as a child?  Here's our chance to find out!  Mary Landrum, Children's Librarian for the Lexington Public Library System, has looked into the matter for us.  It's not all Mother Goose and Harry Potter, the truth may just scare you!

 June 14: "Hey Mr. Postman: The Personal Letters of Jane Austen" with Carrie Wright- Carrie Wright may look like your everday Instructor of Geology from the Department of Geology and Physics at the University of Southern Indiana, but she has a secret passion, she is fascinated with Jane Austen's personal letters!  She will share that passion with us as we take a look at what clues Jane's surviving letters might offer us as to Jane the person and Jane the writer.

July 12: "Bows, Buds, and Breastknots: Regency Hat and Dress Trims" with Polly Singer, Natalie Ferguson, and Jennifer Miller- You might have seen these ladies walking the grounds of Locust Grove during The 18th Century Market, or maybe as they had their turns on the catwalk of Betsy Bashore's Regency Fashion Show during our Jane Austen Festivals.  But one thing is for certain, these ladies know how to dress in period!  Polly, Natalie, and Jennifer are good friends from Lexington that just so happen to share a love of making period-appropriate Regency attire and accessories, and they are coming to Locust Grove to make sure Greater Louisville is properly attired for the AGM in October!  The ladies will present on the history of hat and dress trims during the Regency before working with us on how to make your own hat trims and breastknots using feathers, flowers, and various fun things!  *If you would like to trim a hat, please bring your own.*

Aug 16: AGM Prep- Two months!  Just two months!  Greater Louisville has been planning to host the JASNA AGM for the past five years and we are only two months away from having 800 Janeites descending on downtown Louisville!  What are we going to do?!?  We are going to stuff totes, arrange centerpieces, make signs, whatever needs to be done.  It's all hands on deck as the HMS Greater Louisville AGM makes her way to port!

Sept 20: AGM Prep- Twas the month before AGM, and all through Locust Grove, all the Janeites were stirring, making the last adjustments to our trove (okay, sorry for the rhyme, but it's harder than you think)!  We're coming down the home stretch, did we mention 800 people were coming to Louisville to attend this year's JASNA AGM?  All able hands need to report for duty so that we can make sure this is the best AGM!

Oct. 18: NO MEETING- There will be no meeting this month as we will all be passed out in comas trying to recover from hosting this year's AGM.  We'll see you in November!

Nov 15: "Jane Austen and Economics" with Fay Greckel- Even though she is retired, you still can't take the professor out of Fay Greckel.  Any guesses as to what she's been developing an interest in during her spare time?  Researching economics and finances in Jane Austen's novels!  She'll be joining us to share with everyone her findings.  Jane Austen might have been a woman, but Faye will be showing us that Jane may have been more aware of the economic situation in England than some may give her credit for!

Dec. 13: "The Tea Things of Jane Austen" with Bruce Richardson- It is the end of the year, and what a year we have had!  What better way to mark all we have accomplished this year than to have a Tea to celebrate the birthday of our dear Jane!  And who better to speak to us on this special occassion than Bruce Richardson, owner of Elmwood Inn Teas and Benjamin Press, tea instructer, and Tea Historian for The Boston Harbor Museum in Boston, Massachuetts!  He will be joining us to talk about all things tea and Jane Austen! *This event is limited in seating, so please RSVP. Guests must pay admission.*