Festival FAQ

Jane Austen Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) or JASNA-Greater Lousville Region?

No, you do not need to be a member to attend. All are welcome!

Do I have to dress in Regency Attire to attend the Jane Austen Festival?

No, you do not. However, we do encourage attendees of the Four-Course Afternoon Tea to dress in dressy casual and The Grand Ball to dress in Regency Ball dress or formal wear.

When does online Registration for the 9th Annual Jane Austen Festival begin?

Online advance registration will begin June 8th at Noon, EDT. IT IS NOW CLOSED.

Why should I register online?

The Four-Course Afternoon Tea, the Grand Ball, and the Workshops usually SELL OUT before the Festival opens. It is highly recommended to register early, but sometimes openings do become available before and at the Festival.

Are group discounts available?

Yes. If 10 or more people register together, then you will receive a discount of $2.00 off for all people in the group on a one-day pass. 

How much is Admission, the Workshops, Four-Course Afternoon Tea, and/or the Grand Ball?

Festival Admission is $6 per person for Friday Night-Twilight Shopping and $12 per person for one-day admission on Saturday or Sunday. A two-day admission pass for $20 per person will be available online only (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)Children under 12 admitted free with an adult. The Four-Course Afternoon Tea is $25 (plus Festival admission) per person and Children's Tea is $20 per child (plus Festival admission if over 12 years of age). The Grand Ball is $25 per person. Workshop prices can be found HERE.

Where can I find the 9th Annual Jane Austen Festival schedule?

Click HERE for the schedule. The Schedule is subject to change. It is recommended to check it before you arrive at the Festival.

When, where, and how much is The Grand Ball?

Saturday night, July 15th, 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., Spalding University Center Building (824 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40203). The Grand Ball ticket costs $25 (The ticket price also includes the intermission refreshments (non-alcoholic drinks and finger foods)).

What are the dress requirements for The Grand Ball?

We require attendees to dress in Regency Ball dress or formal wear, so the ambiance of the event is not deterred by modern wear.

Can children attend The Grand Ball?

Yes, but a ticket ($25) must be purchased for them.

Can I come to the Ball just to watch the dancing?

No. The Ballroom has a occupancy capacity and we set how many people can attend (either to dance and/or sit and watch) by that. You must purchase a ticket to the Ball even if you want to just watch the dancing. Even if you are watching, you must dress in Regency Ball dress or formal wear.

When is the dance practice for The Grand Ball?

Friday, July 14th, from 8:00-10:00 p.m. at Spalding University Center Building Ballroom. Note: Please only attend the dance practice if you will be attending The Grand Ball.

What are the dances for The Grand Ball?

Click HERE.

What are some local Hotel or Bed and Breakfast recommendations?

Click HERE to view our Hotel/B&B Recommendation list. Making your hotel reservation early is HIGHLY recommended!

Can I dress like a zombie, like from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies?

No. Due to the recent P&P&Z movie, the Jane Austen Festival Committee requests that NO zombie or zombie paraphanila be represented (make up, attire, etc.) or brought throughout the Festival weekend (July 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2017). Weapons are only allowed by pre-approval of the Jane Austen Festival Committee and is limited to Jane Austen Festival reenactors and entertainers. The Jane Austen Festival is NOT a cosplay event. 

When are the Four-Course Afternoon Tea sittings? 

Are the Four-Course Afternoon Tea foods gluten free?

No. The Tea foods are not gluten free.

Will there be food and drink available for purchase at the 9th Annual Jane Austen Festival?

Yes! On Friday evening, we will have Bastille Day inspired foods for purchase by the Picnic Table Area. On Saturday and Sunday, visit the "EARL OF SANDWICH SHOPPE" (located in the Dining Pavilion tent) for...

  • Pemberley Plate: 2 mini-bun sandwiches of your choice: chicken salad, egg salad, and ham slices (can choose same or two different sandwiches) OR 3 Babybel cheese wheels (instead of sandwiches). Also includes pasta salad, grape bunch, snickerdoodle cookie & drink $10

  • A la Carte: Savory homemade sandwiches – 2 mini buns (can mix & match) $5

    Your choice of:

  1. Cassandra’s chicken salad
  2.  Elinore’s egg salad
  3. Henry’s ham sandwich
  4. Chawton cheese wheels (3 Babybel mini cheese wheels - no bread)

  • Sides

  1. Mr. Martin’s hen-house hard-boiled eggs (2 eggs) $1
  2. Kent kettle chips $1
  3. Portsmouth pasta salad $2

  • Fruit

  1. Marianne's mandarin orange$1
  2. Georgiana’s grape bunch (seedless red and green grapes) $2

  • Sweets

  1. Homemade Orange Vanilla scone $2
  2. Giant Snickerdoodle cookie $2
  3. Small Snickerdoodle cookie $1

  • Beverages: Iced cold pink lemonade, unsweet tea or bottled water $1

More Questions?

For Festival information inquiries, please email janeaustenfestivalKY@gmail.com.