Festival Vendors

2016 Jane Austen Festival Vendor List:

(We are in the process of signing up our 2017 vendors. Most of our 2016 vendors will be returning. Check back soon for an updated list.)

For Festival information inquiries, please email janeaustenfestivalKY@gmail.com or call, Bonny Wise, Festival Chair, at 502-727-3917.

*96 District Fabric /Beth & Jimmy Webb : Fabric in the following and more! wool, cotton, silk and linen, ribbon, patterns and sewing accessories 

*Amazon Dry Goods/ Kevin and Samantha Hickle: Historic patterns, shoes, walking sticks, gloves ect. 

*Amey’s Adornments/ Mark and Andrea Amey: offering 14 karet gold, sterling silver and semi -precious stone jewelry 

*Bingley’s Tea Ltd. /Julia Matson: (Tea specialist) offering tea, tea ware, tea syrups, salts and linen 

*Children of the Mist /Suzanne & Michael Hoelscher: misc. accoutrements, shawls, hats 

*Custom Wig Company / Heather Fleming: Human hair wigs, hair pieces and Regency hair styling. Custom orders available.

*Dame ala Mode / Taylor Shelby: Reproduction Georgian and Regency jewelry , 

*The Bohemian Bell / Julia Bennet Nelson : Saree fabric, historical hair combs and head pieces 

*Flying Hearts Millinery /Valerie Long : Organza and cotton day caps, chemisettes, men’s hats and accessories 

*Hellinger Kurtz Kaffeehaus / Nathanael Logsdon : Serving Coffee, tea as well as offering for sale bulk coffee and tea. 

*Historical Designs /Beth Shaw : regency garments for men and women. Custom orders available. 

*Kannik Korner / Kathleen and Fritz Kannik: Sewing tools and notions 

*Lady Anne’s Jewels /Anne Canan : Sterling silver, gold filled jewelry. 

*LG Studio / Lydia G. Fast: The premier shop for Regency bonnets all hand made using silks, velvets, vintage lace and feathers. 

*Little Bits / LBCC Historical Alicia Schult: Regency cosmetic and apothecary, soaps, Regency hair styling appointments available.

*Matti’s Millinery & Costumes /Hannah Wagner and Matti Wangerin: Regency day gowns, ball gowns in a wide range of sizes, spencer, capes , chemise, petticoats fans, gloves ect…Garment alterations on site 

*Mistress Jones’ Shadow Cut /Julie and Terry Rockhold : Period inspired shadow cut silhouettes. 

*Regency Revisited /Jan & Walt Dubbeld: Silk and cotton fabric, men’s hats, shawls and sewing accessories 

*Shocking Bad Hats / Rebecca Burnham : Regency bonnets and turbans 

*Shut the Box / Bernice and Jim Barker: Hand made “Shut the box” games and painted wooden keepsake boxes 

*Taylor Rose Historical Outfitters / Nathanael Logsdon: Swords, shoes, and other goods in the 1812 period 

*The Glass House /Steven Caudill : Period shoes, glassware and jewelry 

*The Ribbonry/Camela Nitschke : Ribbon specialist! Ribbon BTY, ribbon flowers and many more. 

*The Virginia Floor Cloth & Textile Company / Virginia Tucker : Hand painted floor cloth, hand dyed stockings and scarves, candles 

*Travelers Tales /Jill & John Hill: Vintage books, sarees, shawls and china 

*Zahradka Art & Illustrations / Gary and Suzy Zahradka : Oil paints, print, and portraits 

*Martha Caprarotta : Regency dresses and head pieces.