Festival Vendors

2017 Jane Austen Festival Vendor List:

*96 District Fabric / Beth & Jimmy Webb : Fabric in the following and more! wool, cotton, silk and linen, ribbon, patterns and sewing accessories 

*Amazon Dry Goods / Kevin and Samantha Hickle: Historic patterns, shoes, walking sticks, gloves

*Amey’s Adornments / Andrea Amey: offering 14 karet gold, sterling silver and semi -precious stone jewelry 

*Becky Anderson: Wise Woman/midwife, soaps, etc.

*Bingley’s Tea Ltd. / Julia Matson: (Tea specialist) offering tea, tea ware, tea syrups, salts and linen 

*The Bohemian Bell / Julia Bennet Nelson : Saree fabric, historical hair combs and head pieces 

*Custom Wig Company / Heather Fleming: Human hair wigs, hair pieces and Regency hair styling. Custom orders available.

*Dames a la Mode / Taylor Shelby: Reproduction Georgian and Regency jewelry 

*Flying Hearts Millinery / Valerie Long : Organza and cotton day caps, chemisettes, men’s hats and accessories 

*Hellinger Kurtz Kaffeehaus / Nathanael Logsdon : Serving Coffee, tea, lavendar lemonade, and German pretzels as well as offering for sale bulk coffee and tea. 

*Historical Designs / Beth Shaw : regency garments for men and women. Custom orders available. 

*Isaacs Gallery / Laura Fishers: Antique and vintage jewelry

*Kannik Korner / Kathleen and Fritz Kannik: Sewing tools and notions 

*Lady Anne’s Jewels / Anne Canan : Sterling silver, gold filled jewelry. 

*LG Studio / Lydia G. Fast: The premier shop for Regency bonnets all hand made using silks, velvets, vintage lace and feathers. 

*Little Bits / LBCC Historical Alicia Schult: Regency cosmetic and apothecary, soaps

*Matti’s Millinery & Costumes / Hannah Wagner and Matti Wangerin: Regency day gowns, ball gowns in a wide range of sizes, spencer, capes , chemise, petticoats fans, gloves ect…Garment alterations on site 

*Mistress Jones’ Shadow Cut / Julie and Terry Rockhold : Period inspired shadow cut silhouettes

*Pride in Parasols / Nancy Rowe: Parasols

*Readthreaded / Cynthia Settje: Long stays

*Regency Revisited / Andrea Logsdon: Silk and cotton fabric, men’s hats, shawls and sewing accessories 

*Ruby's Rags / Ruby Grace Miller: Children's clothing and accessories 

*Shocking Bad Hats / Rebecca Burnham : Regency bonnets and turbans 

*The Glass House / Steven Caudill : Period shoes, glassware and jewelry  

*Virgil's Fine Goods / Amber Mendenhall Welch: Millinery, mourning, hair extensions and accessories

For Festival information inquiries, please email janeaustenfestivalKY@gmail.com.