Admission tickets will continue to be on sale ONLINE till July 11th and then they will be available at the Ticket Gate on July 14th (for our Twilight Shopping Event and Bastille Day Celebration with Emperor Napoleon and Admiral Lord Nelson!) as well as July 15th &16th. **Festival Admission does NOT sell out.**

Note: Two-Day admission passes at a discounted rate ($20 per person) are ONLY available for purchase online.

See all the events INCLUDED in your Admission Ticket on our Festival Schedule.

REGISTRATION UPDATE (July 7, 10:00 p.m.)-

We do have a FEW spaces available at most of our Sunday Teas, including the Children's Tea! We also have two more seats at the Netting a Reticule Workshop on Sunday afternoon.

The Grand Ball and Workshops are SOLD OUT. You can join the waitlist for each of these sold out events on our Registration website. Cancellations do happen before the Festival begins in July, so you may still be able to get in to these Festival events. 


JASNA-GL ​MEMBERS: ​Free ​admission ​is ​only ​available ​to ​members ​who ​have ​signed ​up ​through ​SignUp. ​If ​you ​are ​not ​volunteering ​this ​year, ​you ​must ​register ​through ​the ​PUBLIC ​option on RegOnline ​and ​choose ​the ​appropriate ​admission ​(Friday ​night ​only- ​$6, ​One ​Day ​Pass- ​$12, ​Two ​Day ​Pass- ​$20 [Available ONLINE ONLY]) ​along ​with ​any ​additional ​paid ​events ​that ​you ​choose ​to ​attend ​ (tea ​seating, ​workshop, ​Grand ​Ball, ​etc.).

VOLUNTEERS: ​ ​If ​you ​have ​signed ​up ​to ​volunteer ​on ​our ​Volunteer ​website ​(SignUp), ​you ​DO ​NOT ​have ​to ​register ​with ​our ​RegOnline ​website ​to ​receive ​your ​FREE ​ADMISSION ​on ​the ​DAY ​or ​DAYS ​you ​will ​be ​volunteering. ​Please ​bring ​your ​SignUp ​Confirmation email or Reminder ​email ​with ​you ​to ​present ​at ​the ​Ticket ​Gate ​to ​be ​admitted ​to ​the ​Festival. ​

However, ​if ​you ​wish ​to ​purchase ​tickets ​to ​one ​of ​our ​paid ​events ​within ​the ​Festival ​(tea ​seating, ​workshop, ​Grand ​Ball), ​you ​will ​need ​to ​register on the RegOnline website. ​If ​you ​are ​attending ​one ​of ​the ​ticketed ​events ​on ​the ​day(s) ​you ​are ​volunteering, ​please ​register ​through ​the ​VOLUNTEER ​option ​and ​select ​the ​appropriate ​date ​of ​admission, ​along ​with ​the ​paid ​events ​you ​wish ​to ​attend. ​If ​you ​wish ​to ​attend ​on ​a ​day ​that ​you ​are ​NOT ​also ​volunteering, ​please ​register ​through the ​PUBLIC ​option ​and ​select ​the ​appropriate ​admission ​option ​(Friday ​night ​only- ​$6, ​One ​Day ​Pass- ​$12, ​Two ​Day ​Pass- ​$20 [Available ONLINE ONLY]), ​along ​with ​any ​paid ​events ​(tea ​seating, ​workshops, ​Grand ​Ball, ​etc.) ​that ​you ​wish ​to ​attend. ​

GENERAL ​PUBLIC: ​Please ​register ​(under ​PUBLIC ​option) ​on the RegOnline website ​to ​pay ​for ​your ​admission ​to ​the ​Festival ​(Friday ​night ​only- ​$6, ​One ​Day ​Pass- ​$12, ​Two ​Day ​Pass- ​$20 [Available ONLINE ONLY]) ​along ​with ​any ​additional ​paid ​events ​that ​you ​choose ​to ​attend ​(tea ​seating, ​workshop, ​Grand ​Ball, ​etc.).

*For more information about Volunteering at the Festival, visit our Festival Registration webpage and/or email the Festival Volunteer Coordinators at janeaustenfestivalvolunteers@gmail.com.

*Questions about the Festival? Send inquiries Bonny Wise and Alana Gillett, Festival Chairs, at janeaustenfestivalky@gmail.com.